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Hack your way to 5-Star reviews

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Photos are the most important part of your BnB listing but reviews are a close second. If you want a fully booked calendar you have to have good reviews. One of the first things potential guest do is to look at what prior guests thought of you and your home. So it is very important to get good reviews and personally, I find it to be very rewarding and a little addictive too.

Create an authentic experience for every single guest

As soon as the guest books your home the evaluation of you as a host starts. People rent a private home because they want an authentic experience. If you want to receive 5-star reviews it is very important that you deliver this experience to them. They should always feel welcome and taken care of.

There are four basic principles that will guarantee you 5-star reviews 95% of the time.

  1. Personality
  2. A printed local guide
  3. Cleanliness
  4. A small appetizer


The first thing you should do it to send your guest a welcome email. For your convenience, I have created a template you can use. It is available in my free e-book. The template is an example of how you can phrase the e-mail, however, I suggest you try to personalize it a bit from guest to guest. Perhaps add something that you have talked to the guest about before they confirmed the booking.

A printed local guide

A printed guide to your neighborhood is a really good way to give your guests an idea of the area your home is located in. Your local area guide can just be a standard form, and for your convenience, I have already created a template for you. You can find a copy of the template in my free e-book here:


As I already described in a previous blog post it is extremely important that you home is properly cleaned. If cleaning is not your strong side hire someone to do it. There are several companies that offer this service. If you google cleaning service in your area you should be able to find a company that can do it fairly cheap. I promise you that it will pay off in better reviews over time.

A small appetizer

Lastly, It can be money well spend to spend a small amount i.e. 5 pounds on your guests. It will pay itself back in the reviews and later in how much you can charge for your home.

It does not require that big of an effort from you but shows your guests that you are willing to go the extra mile. If your guests check in early in the morning you can make sure there are coffee and milk ready for them. If they arrive later in the day a small bowl of fruit could be enough.

If you host a lot of guests it might seem like a lot of money to spend. However, if you do not get 5-star reviews from all of your guests it might be worth a try as it gives your guest a very good first impression of you as a host.

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