About me

Over the years I have gained extensive experience in renting out my apartment through different BnB sites. I’ve spend years learning the secrets of BnB renting and realised that many hosts make critical mistakes when it comes to listing their home for rent online. I decided to share my BnB experience to help other BnB hosts make their listings better and more profitable.

My E-book

I decided to make an e-book with some of the most basic and easiest changes you can make to your BnB.
The book is divided into different sections and some sections contain several hacks about the same subject. For your benefit I have tried to make the book as short and precise as possible. To supplement the book I blog about different things that I believe make the difference between succes and failure as a BnB host.

The purpose of my guide is to share my experience of having friendly and forthcoming guests living in my home. I hope your experience will be just as good and profitable as mine have been.



If you have any comments or additions to the book or my blog please let me know at: