Choosing the correct cleaning fee

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When you rent out your private home you have to make sure it is absolutely spotless when you guests arrive. Try putting yourself in their shoes. How would you feel if you arrived at your BnB rental and it wasn’t clean? or maybe you have already tried it? In either case, you probably wouldn’t give the host a very good review, and trust me you will not get good reviews either if your home isn’t clean.


Let’s face it. Cleaning is an important part of renting out your BnB but also a very boring and time-consuming part. Therefore you should ask yourself two questions. First of all, how much you should charge for cleaning your home? Second of all, if you should clean it yourself or hire someone to do it?

If you are good at cleaning you can spend a few hours cleaning your house yourself. I know good at cleaning might sound funny, but many people actually suck at cleaning their house. You might not consider it a problem if you forget some dust in the corner or if there is one of your hairs on the table or in the bed. However, it is a completely different story when it comes to your guests. Remember they don’t know you and they have paid you for cleaning your home.

Hired help

If you already know that you are a little laid back when it comes to cleaning you might be better off hiring someone to clean your home for you. Lucky for you there are numerous companies who offers to clean your home for you. If you, for instance, have a BnB in London, Paris, Rome or Barcelona you can use Hostmaker. Depending on where you live there are different companies, but if you use google you should find quite a few companies to choose from.

Setting the cleaning fee

No matter if you clean your home yourself or if you hire someone to do it you should remember to charge a cleaning fee. Surprisingly many people forget to charge the correct price for cleaning their home. If you rent out your home 5-10 times a year you can easily be missing out on several hundred pounds.

The majority of guests do not associate the price of cleaning the home with something negative. However, that does not mean you can charge a ridicules cleaning fee. Keep in mind that the higher the cleaning fee the higher the expectations will be. I suggest you charge between 15-25 pounds per hour it takes you to clean your home. That means that if it takes you 3 hours to clean your home the total cleaning fee should be between 45-75 pounds. If you hire someone to clean your home, you can either use their price to set the cleaning fee or follow my suggestion of 15-25 pounds per hour. If you find a cheap but good cleaning company there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to profit from it.

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