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Don’t let your BnB stress you out

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When you have finally decided to jump on the BnB wagon one of the most important things to keep in mind is that you control your BnB and not the other way around. Renting out your home does require some work. Taking inquiries, answering guests questions, checking guests in, cleaning up the rental unit and much more. In order to make sure that you control your BnB life you have to figure out how to make your BnB life more effective. There is no need to do more work than you have to.

Keep a record of your work

First thing first, if you want to know how much work you are actually doing you need to keep a record. You don’t have to time it to the minute. Just have a general idea of how long it takes you to do the different task necessary for each booking. How much time does it take you to do all the work associated with the accepting the booking? How much time do you spend cleaning your hme? And how much time do you spend preparing for the guests arrival and handing over the key? When you have a record of how much time you spend on the different tasks you can consider whether or not you need to change something. It should not be a pain to rent out you home. So make sure to use your record to optimize how you spend your time.

Optimize your time

Now you might wonder how you can optimize your time and be more efficient. I would suggest you to go at it one of two ways. Most people would probably suggest you to only do the tasks where you get the most bang for your buck. This is of course something you should consider too. However I suggest you also take into account what task you would prefer not to do. Again, you shouldn’t hate renting out your home, so if you know one of the tasks are absolutely unbearable hire someone to do it for you.

Hiring help

If you decide that you want someone else to help you with your BnB listing there are several ways you can go. Since Airbnb became as big as they did, many companies started to provide services specifically for BnB hosts. A simple google search should reveal who can help you with the task you want help with. At the moment you can get help with everything from handing over the key, to cleaning you apartment to left luggage service. Just search, find, and choose whatever makes your BnB life easier.

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