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Learn to market your bnb with better photos

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We all know the saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Yet many BnB hosts choose the wrong pictures when listing their home online. The pictures are your chance to impress and show potential guests why they should choose your home. So do it right!

You have two options

When you want to list your BNB online you have to carefully select some pictures to represent your home. If you are a good photographer you might be perfectly capable of taking the pictures yourself, however, if you do not have much experience taking pictures you might be better off choosing another option. If you list your home for rent on Airbnb, it is possible to book a photographer free of charge. However, first let me give you a few tips on what you can do to take better pictures yourself and then I’ll show you how to book an Airbnb photographer totally free.

5 Tips to better pictures

  1. The pictures have to be taken in broad daylight, and all lamps should be turned on
  2. You need to tidy up your home – nobody will rent a cluttered and messy home!
  3. Borrow or buy a cheap tripod – that way your pictures will be perfectly level
  4. Download a free photo editing software and increase the brightness in the pictures. Personally, I use Gimp.
  5. Carefully select a minimum of 5 and maximum of 10 pictures, that are good and show your home from the best side (Kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and living room)

Airbnb photographer

If you list your home on Airbnb and you don’t want to worry about the above-mentioned points you should accept Airbnb’s offer of a free photographer. Airbnb offers this service because they know how important professional pictures are for bookings and that it will result in more apartments being rented each month.

To my knowledge, Airbnb is the only site that offers this kind of service. However, it does not mean you can’t use the pictures on other sites you might also be listing your home on.

Private vs Professional photos

To show you the difference I have uploaded some pictures I took and used before I knew better. I took the pictures to the left with a reflex camera, while an Airbnb photographer took the pictures to the right.

Airbnb photo

As you can see, the perception of the room can change quite a bit depending on how bright the pictures are. After I switched to professional photos I received a higher number of inquiries on my home and I was able to slowly increase the price with about 15%. That meant that I earned an extra 1400 pounds a year.

You can read more and book a free photographer here!

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