Meet a few happy subscribers

BnB Hacks has helped hundreds of people hack their BnB to more success. Below you can meet a few of my happy hack subscribers and read their testimonials.


After reading about your strategies and how you use them I finally understood what I needed to improve. I became more professional with my listing, even though I only rent out my apartment when I travel myself, and I got much better feedback right away.


I just wanted to thank you for all the information and help you offer completely free of charge. Thanks to you I’ve gotten much better reviews and been able to increase the price of my listing.


I’ve always considered myself to be a pretty successful BnB host, however, after reading your tips I managed to increase my number of bookings. I constantly try to improve my listings and can’t wait for your next blog post. Keep up the good work!


I’ve followed your simple instructions outlined in your book and I made £2915 in my first month on Airbnb because of that. I used your tips to maximise my Airbnb revenue and now I travel the world with my Airbnb income. I’m currently in France which will be the first stop on my european adventrue.

How you start hacking your BnB

1 First thing first. Download my book, and subscribe to my blog. That way you will get all the information my subscribers and I have used to hack our BnB to the top. If you are just getting started, I strongly suggest you read my book and as many of my blog posts as possible. Remember, knowledge is power!

2 Implement my strategies. Now you should know how to improve your pictures; How you ensure that you receive 5-star reviews 95% of the time; What price you should charge for your rental and when you should adjust it.

3 Keep an eye on how many inquiries you get, and how much traffic you listing has. As explained in my book there is a very basic formular to what the ratio should between the two should be. If your numbers are higher or lower than what the formular describes you need to adjust either the price or further improve your listing.